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Blinds Vs. Window Shutters – which should you choose?

If you’ve already decided that curtains are not for you, then you might be thinking that only leaves you with blinds. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’ve discounted curtains and drapes, then your other available options include blinds and shutters. Not always an obvious choice, window shutters have a lot to offer but have their own advantages and disadvantages separate to those of blinds. So let’s take a look at the two window dressings types, so you can make the best informed decision when it comes to perfectly styling your home. Shutters Pros Timeless edition to your home that…

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Blinds: Inside vs Outside the Window Recess [Infographic]

When the time comes for you to delve into the world of blinds, whether you’re sprucing up an old room or perhaps you’re new homeowners wanting to put your own stamp on things, you may come across the phrases ‘inside recess’ and ‘outside recess’. To anyone who doesn’t know about blinds, these words won’t mean a thing, however when it comes to finding and fitting the ideal blind, understanding what these mean words mean is crucial. Essentially, they are two different ways of fitting blinds to your window. However, certain methods suit certain blind styles better than others, as well as…

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Wooden vs Faux Wood Shutters

When you’re choosing shutters for your home, not only is it important to consider the aesthetics, carefully selecting the right colour and style to complement certain rooms, but it is also vital to consider other practicalities, so that you end up with a shutter that is right for you and your home. Wooden shutters are a fantastic and extremely popular choice for many homeowners, but with the choice of faux wood shutters now available (made from vinyl or other synthetic products but with the same wooden effect) it presents the deliberation; what is the difference and which would be better for me?…

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2015 Colour Design Trends: Blinds and Shutters

Colour enhances the world around us and can invigorate our senses and mood. Therefore, when we bring colour into the home, we need to know we are choosing the right one to not only complement the room but also suit our personalities. So, now that it’s the end of the year, let’s take a sneak peek at what the colour design trends are looking like for blinds and shutters next year! Muted pastels Pastel colours such as Tiffany Blue, are predicted to be very popular and stylish for 2015. As it is quite a bold colour, you could opt for a…

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Angel Blinds Install Blinds for Newcastle Falcons

Earlier on this year, Angel Blinds and Shutters were approached by none other than the Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club!  Not for our expertise in rugby however, but for our outstanding reputation in manufacturing and installing excellent quality blinds throughout the North East region of the UK. For those of you who aren’t avid rugby fans, the Newcastle Falcons are a prestigious rugby union club, currently playing in the Aviva Rugby Premiership. Their state-of-the-art stand at Kingston Park has been their home since 1990, and consists of various different areas, including the East Stand, John Smith Stand, West Stand and North Stand….

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Top Tips: Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

If you consider your bathroom a tranquil place you can retreat to for some peace and quiet, to escape from the fast pace of modern life, then you need an interior to encourage and support this. Choosing the perfect bathroom blinds can be tricky, and you don’t want to take a stab in the dark and end up having to replace them after only a few months. That’s why the team here at Angel Blinds and Shutters are going to share with you our expert opinion when it comes to selecting the ideal bathroom blinds. Although achieving the right look and…

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Your Guide to Choosing Window Blinds

If you’re thinking about replacing your window blinds, or maybe you’ve just moved house and are looking to install blinds for the whole house, then you may begin to realise that there is quite a large variety of choice now available on the market, and although this is impressive, it can also be rather daunting when it comes to making your decision. So we’ve come up with the perfect guide to help you when choosing your new window blinds, so that you can be sure to end up with the right blind for you and your home. You can also use…

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Interesting Facts: The development of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most popular blind styles available on the UK market today, but interestingly, their origins started rather differently to how we know it today… Where it all started Created more than 2,000 years ago in Rome (surprise, surprise!), essentially the concept of the Roman blind still remains the same today – to provide a simple solution to an everyday problem. Introduced to The Eternal City in the ancient times, during the construction of the Colosseum, the Roman blind was invented out of pure necessity. Dust was constantly kicked up from the horse-drawn carriages and masonry remnants…

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Which Blinds are Suitable in Traditional Properties?

For property owners, it can be rather tricky sometimes deciding how best to decorate windows, and with many modern styles now available, there certainly is plenty to choose from. But for those of you who own traditional properties, you may want to choose soft furnishings that enhance and preserve their original features, and there are particular blind styles that do exactly this. So, the team here at Angel Blinds and Shutters have come up with some different styles that can complement your traditional property’s windows, whether it’s bay windows from the Victorian era, or side sash Edwardian-style windows. Warming Roman Blinds…

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Blinds for Bay Windows – What are the Options?

For some people, bay windows are the ultimate dream. Often leftover features of Victorian houses, bay windows are most commonly found in period properties, but can also now be found in more modern homes. Bay windows make a great feature for any room, whether in your bedroom or living area. They open up the space, letting in optimum daylight, increase the flow of natural light and their wide glass panes offer a beautifully clear view. Despite their attractions however, it can be rather tricky knowing how best to dress them. Classic curtains can beautifully complement the traditional appearance of a bay…

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Top 5 Creative Ideas for Unwanted and Old Blinds

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the phrases ‘carbon footprint’, ‘greener’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ as they are pushed to the forefront of society now more than ever before. There’s encouragement to recycle as much of our household waste as possible and to walk, take the bus or cycle to work, rather than using the car which burns more harmful fuel into the environment. But here at Angel Blinds, we’re going to take recycling in a new light! Rather than just sticking to the obvious, thoughtless recycling methods, we’ve taken a look at how you can upcycle your old, unwanted blinds around…

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Angel Blinds Supply Blinds to the Houses of Parliament!

Last month, Angel Blinds and Shutters received a very important order that we accepted with the utmost honour – we were asked to supply blinds for the ticket offices of the Houses of Parliament! The architects already knew exactly what they required and had the specification drawn up for us already. They were seeking the finest quality black roller blinds with their logo clearly printed across the middle in bold, gold lettering to create a sophisticated yet stylish blind, keeping in line with the classic, traditional and reputable grade I listed building. As one of the most popular blind styles we…

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