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Sprucing It Up This Spring: Why Shutters Could Be The Right Choice For You

  The nights are getting lighter, the wind isn’t quite so bitter and the birds appear to be decidedly busier. Yup, spring really is in the air. Time to hit refresh on your window dressings, perhaps? Now is a great time to finally make the switch you’ve been dreaming of. That’s right, the switch from blinds to shutters.  Today, we’re going to dig deep into all of the plus points of opting for shutters. They may not be the cheapest option for your window dressings and do require a little more investment, however, we’re confident that they’re certainly worth it, and…

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Why You Should Upgrade to Motorised Blinds

  Here at Angel Blinds & Shutters we offer a fantastic selection of motorised electric blinds and shades. An affordable luxury, our team can fit your home with beautiful, made-to-measure motorised blinds that will open and close simply at the touch of a button.  Motorised electric blinds bring with them a wide range of advantages and can revolutionise the way we think of window dressings in our homes, which is what we’re going to be delving into here today! So, what’s all the fuss about?   1/ Perfect for hard to reach windows!   One of the primary attractions to motorised…

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Why Roman Blinds Could Be The Best Choice For Your Home

  If you’re looking to spruce up your home, then replacing your old and worn out curtains or blinds is a brilliant place to start. However, many of us struggle to make the choice between the two. If you’re finding yourself in this position, it could be time to consider roman blinds. Providing a perfect compromise between blinds and curtains, roman blinds combine both the functionality of blinds with the fluidity and softness of curtains. So, seeing as though we’re such fans of roman blinds, we thought we would share with you exactly why they could be the perfect choice for…

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Faux Wood Shutters: Everything you need to know

Over recent years, we have witnessed a huge rise in the popularity of faux wood shutters; a permanent, durable and elegant fixture that work well in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity is a factor. Not only are they easy to clean and child-friendly, but they also have the major benefit of insulation, proving to be better than wood shutters in the energy-saving department. Here are our top four reasons to consider this trendy window dressing: 1. They are durable Faux wood shutters are made out of PVC, vinyl or a wood composite. Unlike real wood which can suffer from moisture damage,…

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Why You Need To Include Perfect Fit Blinds In Your Next Room Renovation

Get that picture perfect room with Perfect Fit Blinds. If you’ve recently redecorated, you are probably quaking in your boots at the idea of drilling holes into your freshly painted walls. Maybe you are concerned about the cords on traditional blinds getting into the hands of your determined two-year-old, or you have a room with French doors that requires shade and privacy during the summer months. Whatever reason you are on the market for new blinds, the Perfect Fit variety are a great option.   What are the key benefits? One of the biggest benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds is that…

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Interior Design Trends for 2020: The Most Popular Blinds

  A new decade is the perfect time to refresh your home, and one of the main aspects you should consider updating is your blinds. We have gathered information on the most prominent interior design trends of 2020 so you can choose blinds that match and are sure to impress both family members and guests. Natural Eco-friendly materials are especially popular at the moment, as people become more interested in looking after the planet. When it comes to interior design this trend has led to designs that are inspired by nature. This means using colours like brown, cream, coral, and green…

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Drapes vs Blinds vs Curtains

Prior to choosing a new window dressing for your home or business, you will need to establish whether drapes, blinds or curtains best suit your requirements. As such, the experts here at Angel Blinds have put together this article comparing each, so you can decide which fits with your needs, taste and budget. What are the benefits of blinds? With an extensive range of blinds available, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding on a fabric, colour or pattern. Delivering on both performance and style, blinds can instantly transform the look of any room, whilst improving the functionality of the room….

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2016 Colour Design Trends: Blinds and Shutters

If you’re setting up home for the first time, or you’re sprucing up an old room to give it a more contemporary feel, you’ll no doubt be contemplating what textures and colours complement one another. However, something that is practical might not necessarily be modern or on-trend this year.   Each year, Angel Blinds and Shutters look ahead to the upcoming design trends for blinds and shutters, so you can see what colours and design are ‘in’ for 2016. Wood effect The natural texture of wood is not only stylish, but elegant too. Guaranteed to accompany a whole array of different…

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Which Blinds are Best for Privacy?

Although blinds have various uses within the home, there is one primary function that stands out above all the others and is the main reason why we need to purchase blinds: for privacy. Whether your house backs onto a main road, is overlooked by other houses or you simply need your privacy for when the daylight fades, we all have a need for blinds to shelter us from the outdoors. From Venetian to faux wood and roller, ultimately, all different blind styles offer privacy, however some will provide more privacy than others due to the type of material they are made…

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Pairing Blinds and Curtains – which blinds should I buy?

Whether you already have blinds and are considering curtains as well, or you have curtains and are considering introducing blinds, the two can work well together to create the perfect window dressing solution for different rooms in the house. Each with their own attributes, if the right combination is paired together then pairing blinds and curtains can complement one another beautifully and put the final finishing touches to a room. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why they work so well together and some of the style combinations we recommend. Practicalities Sometimes curtains just aren’t enough on their…

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