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Why You Should Upgrade to Motorised Blinds

  Here at Angel Blinds & Shutters we offer a fantastic selection of motorised electric blinds and shades. An affordable luxury, our team can fit your home with beautiful, made-to-measure motorised blinds that will open and close simply at the touch of a button.  Motorised electric blinds bring with them a wide range of advantages and can revolutionise the way we think of window dressings in our homes, which is what we’re going to be delving into here today! So, what’s all the fuss about?   1/ Perfect for hard to reach windows!   One of the primary attractions to motorised…

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How To Cut Your Energy Costs In 2022

  We could give you a whole host of reasons as to why we believe that blinds truly top curtains. Top of our list, however, has to be energy efficiency.  It may sound simple – perhaps even too good to be true – but installing blinds or shutters can drastically reduce the amount of energy your home requires on a day to day basis. “But how…exactly?” Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you…   Reducing heat loss in colder months   Opt for blinds fitted snuggly against your window frame. This way, you can drastically reduce the amount of…

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Faux Wood Shutters: Everything you need to know

Over recent years, we have witnessed a huge rise in the popularity of faux wood shutters; a permanent, durable and elegant fixture that work well in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity is a factor. Not only are they easy to clean and child-friendly, but they also have the major benefit of insulation, proving to be better than wood shutters in the energy-saving department. Here are our top four reasons to consider this trendy window dressing: 1. They are durable Faux wood shutters are made out of PVC, vinyl or a wood composite. Unlike real wood which can suffer from moisture damage,…

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All you need to know about Perfect Fit blinds

So what are perfect fit blinds and what do you need to know about perfect fit blinds? This type of blind fits your windows precisely, achieving a flawless finish that will enhance any room in which they’re installed. To find out more about this popular blind type, read on. We’ll take a closer look at what exactly makes these blinds such a good choice for your home or business. At Angel Blinds and Shutters, we stock an impressive range of Perfect Fit blinds in Gateshead and Newcastle. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry too, which means…

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Interior Design Trends for 2020: The Most Popular Blinds

  A new decade is the perfect time to refresh your home, and one of the main aspects you should consider updating is your blinds. We have gathered information on the most prominent interior design trends of 2020 so you can choose blinds that match and are sure to impress both family members and guests. Natural Eco-friendly materials are especially popular at the moment, as people become more interested in looking after the planet. When it comes to interior design this trend has led to designs that are inspired by nature. This means using colours like brown, cream, coral, and green…

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Landlords & Property Managers – Blinds Safety Responsibilities

Blinds are popular and long-established fixings of homes across the world. However, if they are installed without appropriate safety features then this can lead to injury and possibly death. Only last year a toddler died after being tangled in blind cords, which begs the question; what is your responsibility as a landlord or property manager to adhere to child safety standards? In this article, we explore this question and offer some adaptations you can make to your blinds to avoid this problem. What are the dangers? Due to their explorative nature and fragility, toddlers are especially vulnerable to accidents involving blinds…

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Inspirational Blinds Ideas for Bi-fold Doors

Bi-folding glass doors are favoured by homeowners thanks to their sleek and attractive folding design, allowing for a lighter, airier home with greater access to the outdoors. If your property has a feature like this, you may be wondering which style of blinds to opt for. The design you choose should satisfy both practical and aesthetic needs, and should be expertly fitted for maximum advantage. So if you’re seeking some blinds inspiration, our simple guide will help. Why choose bi-fold doors? Bi-fold doors take full advantage of natural light, allowing it to filter through from outside and create an illusion that…

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Energy Saving Week: Keeping the heat in your home

It’s Energy Saving Week, and up and down the county homeowners and employers are being encouraged to save both their money and the planet. Energy Saving Week educates the public on how they can help lower their carbon footprint and reduce the damage to their pocket over the colder months. Keeping cosy can be achieved with just a few simple tricks, so get yourself ready for winter and read our handy guide to how you can keep the heat in your home. How does your house lose heat? Warm air both enters and leaves your home by conduction and radiation through…

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Blinds and Shutters: keeping your home cool this summer

Whilst the warm weather is a blessing outside, it can be a burden inside if your home is not geared up to keep out the heat. To stop you from blasting out the air conditioning all season, sometimes just choosing the right blinds can make a huge difference to the temperature of your home. That’s why we’ve put together this simple  guide to the best blinds and shutters to keep you home cool this summer, along with some general tips about how you can conserve energy using your blinds and shutters. Best blinds and shutters to keep out the summer heat…

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Our Blinds Buying Process and How Our Wooden Venetian Blinds Are Made

There are many different styles of blinds on the market now, and here at Angel Blinds and Shutters, we supply a whole range of various designs for you to choose from, ranging from our high quality wooden shutters to our more cost-effective roller blinds. All our blinds and shutters are stylish and versatile, with specific styles to suit different rooms and requirements. Not only that, but because all of our blinds are made-to-measure, you can be sure of perfectly fitting blinds, without having to worry about material overhanging or looking untidy. But you might be wondering how we go about providing…

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