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Why Roman Blinds Could Be The Best Choice For Your Home

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· 10th November 2021

Why Roman Blinds Could Be The Best Choice For Your Home


If you’re looking to spruce up your home, then replacing your old and worn out curtains or blinds is a brilliant place to start.

However, many of us struggle to make the choice between the two. If you’re finding yourself in this position, it could be time to consider roman blinds. Providing a perfect compromise between blinds and curtains, roman blinds combine both the functionality of blinds with the fluidity and softness of curtains.

So, seeing as though we’re such fans of roman blinds, we thought we would share with you exactly why they could be the perfect choice for your home.


1. Flexibility of design

Roman blinds come in a huge variety of design options, so there really is something to suit every home and it’s interior.

A largely popular and somewhat more traditional style of roman blind is the “hobbled fold”. This design makes use of excesses of fabric between each pleat, causing the shade to gather when the blinds are closed. Opting for the decadent design of the hobbled fold will give your room a more classic feel.

For those with more contemporary tastes, the “flat fold” roman blind may be a better fit for your window dressing needs. Flat fold roman blinds are made using one complete piece of fabric cut to an exact length, allowing the shade to lay flat when it is closed. This design makes for a more paired back, minimal look in the home.

What’s more, as they are crafted from fabric opposed to aluminium, PVC, or wood, the options are fairly endless when it comes to colour, pattern and texture, too.



2. A timeless choice

As well as providing endless possibilities regarding design, roman blinds also stand out as a timeless choice.

Opting to dress your windows in a manner which will age well as time goes on is always a sound, more economical decision. Roman blinds are undeniably a classic style of window dressing and have been prolific in homes all over the world across the last several centuries. So, as long as you make a well considered choice of fabric, you’ll be able to enjoy your roman blinds for years and years to come without feeling the need to replace them.



3. Easy to operate

Roman blinds are crafted with simple yet modern technology, and are intended to be smooth and seamless in the manner by which they operate.

A great number of people prefer roman blinds over, say, venetian blinds. The use of fabric opposed to slats means a greatly reduced chance of malfunction, damage or entanglement. After all, I’m sure a fair few of us have encountered those aluminium venetian blinds whose slats can become easily entangled with the pull cord or damage easily if they are not made to a high quality. With Angel Blinds & Shutters roman blinds, however, you’ll have no such concerns.


4. Privacy matters

What’s more, due to the design of roman blinds, you can rest assured that when your blinds are down, your home is kept in full privacy. The use of full, continuous lengths of fabric means that you are able to keep not only light out, but the prying eyes of any passers by, too!


So, if you are looking for a classic, timeless choice of blind that will compliment your home perfectly, then look no further.  Our roman blinds are fully customisable and are available in a vast selection of colours and fabrics, samples of which can be found in our Gateshead showroom where our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer their advice and guidance. 







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Why Roman Blinds Could Be The Best Choice For Your Home

  If you’re looking to spruce up your home, then replacing your old and worn out curtains or blinds is a brilliant plac...