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A guide to choosing the perfect blinds for bathrooms

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· 30th January 2024

A guide to choosing the perfect blinds for bathrooms

White aluminium blinds in a bathroom with a bath and shower.

When choosing blinds for bathrooms there are so many options and factors to consider. The right blinds can enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your space, and as you explore the options available each blind or shutter will offer a unique benefit over the other, making the decision process slightly more difficult. 

In this guide, we’ll explore some key considerations and our top recommendations to help you choose the perfect blinds for your bathroom.

Moisture resistance is key

Bathrooms are inherently humid environments, and therefore you must prioritise blinds that can withstand moisture. Opting for materials like aluminium, PVC or faux wood, which resist warping or damage from any exposure to humidity such as mould and mildew, is best practice when selecting a bathroom blind.

Privacy without compromising on natural light

The balance between privacy and natural light is crucial in any bathroom, to ensure you can create the perfect ambience for relaxation, while still having your required privacy.

PVC shutters or aluminium Venetians are great options for maximising light control, without affecting the ventilation.

An easy cleaning process

Bathrooms require regular cleaning, so we’d recommend choosing  blinds that are easy to clean and maintain. Roller, and aluminium Venetian blinds are easy to wipe down, making them both convenient bathroom blinds.

We recommend avoiding textured fabrics that can trap moisture making them even harder to clean.

Prioritise style

Whether you prefer a minimalist, modern look or a more classic and traditional style there are plenty of blinds and shutter options that would be perfect for your bathroom. At Angel Blinds & Shutters we have a wide variety of blinds and shutters in different styles, colours and designs to suit your style.

Space considerations

You must consider the space available in your bathroom when choosing blinds. If you have a smaller bathroom we recommend opting for sleek and compact styles such as roller blinds. In larger bathrooms, you have the flexibility to experiment with more styles such as classic Venetian blinds.

Budget-friendly options

Blinds come in various price ranges, so it is essential to decide on a budget for your bathroom project. Fortunately, at Angel Blinds & Shutters, we have cost-effective options that provide both style and functionality.

You can explore our full range of blinds here.

Professional installation services

Once you have chosen the perfect blinds for your bathroom it’s crucial  to use a professional installation service to ensure the proper fit and function of the blinds that will be used so frequently in your home. At Angel Blinds & Shutters our expertise and attention to detail will give you peace of mind that your blinds will be installed correctly and securely adhering to any required child safety precautions.

White PVC shutters in a white tiled bathroom with a free-standing bath.

Top recommendations from Angel Blinds & Shutters

PVC shutters

The simple design of PVC shutters offers the classic look of real wood without the susceptibility to moisture damage, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms as they are resistant to humidity and easy to clean.

Aluminium blinds 

Aluminium blinds such as Venetians are lightweight, durable and moisture-resistant making them suitable for any high-humidity environment including bathrooms. They offer a simple, modern look and come in a range of colours and finishes to suit your bathroom aesthetic.

Fabric blinds

Fabric blinds such as roller blinds add softness and texture to a bathroom while providing great privacy and light control. However, it is essential to choose moisture-resistant fabrics. These are also available in blackout material for ultimate light control.

Choosing the perfect blinds for your bathroom requires careful consideration of factors such as moisture resistance, privacy and aesthetics. By understanding your needs and exploring the various types of blinds available, you can find the ideal option to enhance the functionality and look of your bathroom. Get in touch with our team today for further recommendations or enquire online today.

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