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How to improve your office environment

Do you want to increase productivity and satisfaction amongst your workforce? If so, it’s time to start paying closer attention to your office space. Staff can easily become stressed, inefficient, and dissatisfied when their workplace doesn’t meet their needs. Read on to find out how to improve your office environment. The importance of creating a pleasant workspace  One of the most important lessons that many business owners have learned is that creating a pleasant work environment is essential to the success of their companies. When employees are happy and comfortable, they’re more likely to enjoy their work. Not only are they…

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The benefits of hospital blinds [Infographic]

What are the benefits of hospital blinds in your hospital? There are many advantages attached to using blinds in hospitals. Not only do they provide better control over light and enhance privacy, but they’re much easier to clean than curtains, which makes them a much more hygienic option. At Angel Blinds and Shutters, we can cater for you if you require commercial and hospital blinds in Gateshead or Newcastle. We have been providing hospital blinds to NHS trusts and facilities for many years. If you’re looking for high-quality hospital blinds from a brand that you can trust, we can help. Easy…

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Our recommendations: Window blinds suitable for schools

Controlling the lighting levels in a school is essential. The right shading is necessary not only to help children retain a comfortable body temperature, but to also allow them to focus and concentrate on their work and learning, rather than becoming too hot and irritated. What do I need to consider? When choosing blinds for educational institutions, there are many things to consider. Some of the most important things include: Child safety Heavy usage Shading Reliable materials Robust So, taking all of these factors into consideration, let’s take a look at some of the best blind styles to use in a…

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School Blinds: Why Made to Measure is Best

When it comes to school, we all know it can be hard to concentrate at the best of times, but with the annoyance of sunlight, heat and glare, kids don’t stand a chance of being able to stay focused unless they’re in a comfortable and well maintained environment to learn. Having said this, many blinds companies offer school blinds as a standard size. This does not offer a controlled solution to the amount of light that enters the classroom, as ill-fitted blinds can still let in unwanted sunlight, even when they are fully closed! Contrary to this, made to measure blinds…

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Office-Friendly Blinds

Your office needs to keep up the professional appearance of the business it practices. Here at Angel Blinds and Shutters we offer an impressive selection of blinds that perfectly complement commercial surroundings, as well as offering all practicalities that are required. So, we’ve put together the ideal blinds that are office-friendly to help you choose the ones that meet all your requirements. Venetian Blinds Made to measure Venetian blinds prove to be a very popular choice, particularly in smaller offices with small windows that have less area to cover. Available in wood and aluminium materials, with a range of colours to…

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