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Office-Friendly Blinds

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· 25th November 2013

Office-Friendly Blinds

Your office needs to keep up the professional appearance of the business it practices. Here at Angel Blinds and Shutters we offer an impressive selection of blinds that perfectly complement commercial surroundings, as well as offering all practicalities that are required.

So, we’ve put together the ideal blinds that are office-friendly to help you choose the ones that meet all your requirements.

Venetian Blinds

Made to measure Venetian blinds prove to be a very popular choice, particularly in smaller offices with small windows that have less area to cover. Available in wood and aluminium materials, with a range of colours to choose from, the Venetian blind adds a contemporary feel to any room.

For an office environment, the aluminium style will bring a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the room. They perfectly control the lighting, allowing in only what you want in order to reach the ideal setting for good working conditions. They also help cut out any glare created from the sun against computer screens which can be uncomfortable for any staff working in these conditions.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the ultimate traditional and reliable office blind solution. They are perfect for giving you the privacy you require in your workplace, whilst also controlling the light with minimal effort. The easy functioning vertical blind has been adapted in order to effortlessly fit most working environments. For instance, the material is flame retardant in order to comply with commercial health and safety regulations.

Their flexibility makes them a good choice, as you can now replace individual slats rather than having to replace the whole blind and in contrast to the Venetian blind, the vertical blind is ideal for those large wide-spread office windows with slats available in wider fittings. They also come in a range of materials and colours with finishes available in matt, gloss or metallic to achieve the desired look to suit your surroundings.

Roller Blinds

The roller blind may seem the most basic style, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be smart or stylish. Ideal for achieving a professional look in either the main office area, board room, meeting room or even for school blinds, the roller blind is available in a wide variety of colours including as black outs and other varying degrees of translucency to create the desired lighting effect in a room with easy functioning control.

The roller blind is available in a flame retardant material and also with a solar protective material coating (SPC) to cut back on glare that can be cast onto computer screens, putting added strain on the eyes when working. If your rooms are used often to give presentations, then the roller blind would be a wise choice in order to completely block any light from entering the room, making presentations less effective.

So, if you’re looking for office or commercial friendly blinds, then these three are the most suitable as they all include:

– Lighting control or complete sun block

– Privacy control

– Help reduce or stop glare from light on computer screens

– Help you meet health and safety regulations

–  Can provide a professional , modern touch to any interior

For more information on office or other commercial blinds, please get in touch with our friendly team at Angel Blinds and Shutters today.

Not sure what you need? Talk to one of our friendly staff on 0191 6660 183

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