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How to create your perfect cinema room [Infographic]

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· 9th March 2021

How to create your perfect cinema room [Infographic]


Are you dreaming of creating the perfect cinema room in your home? Then you’re not alone. As people spend more time at home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, cinema rooms are becoming increasingly sought after. You can enjoy the best movies, TV, and sport on the big screen, without even stepping foot outside. Read on to find out how to create your perfect cinema room. 

What is a home cinema room?

A home cinema is exactly what it sounds like – a cinema within your home. Using home entertainment audio-visual systems, home cinemas seek to reproduce that authentic movie theatre experience and mood that we all know and love. Creating a cinema room allows you to bring the cinema into your own home. Whether you want to watch movies, cartoons, musicals, or sports, it’s the ideal addition to your property. Many people are kitting out their homes with cinema rooms in advance of the long-awaited Euro 2020 championships. Imagine being able to watch the best world football in your very own cinema – it’s sure to be a summer to remember! 


How to create your perfect cinema room [Infographic]

Tips for building a cinema room at home

Many people think that creating a cinema room will be a highly complicated and expensive task. However, it actually isn’t as difficult or costly as it sounds. Of course, you can spend many thousands on creating your dream cinema room if you want, but you certainly don’t need to. Having said this, it’s important to get the design and technical details correct. Making sure the surround sound noise doesn’t bother the rest of the household and ensuring the room is sufficiently dark are two particularly important steps to take. 

Choose the right room for your cinema

One of the first things to do when creating a cinema in your home is to choose the room you want it installed in. Chances are that you already have an idea which room you’ll use, but it’s important to make sure that it’s well suited. Are you sure it’s able to offer a great cinematic experience? If the room will have a dual purpose, for example, a living room during the day and a cinema room at right, you need to consider this when planning the design. 

Block excess light with blackout blinds 

Whilst most modern TVs have a wealth of features that improve image quality, brightness, and colour, they’re worthless is there’s too much excess light in the room. Natural light can ruin the cinema experience, washing out the picture. Lighting is equally as important as projection and acoustics. So, it’s a good idea to take steps to control the light in your cinema room. As well as installing directed lighting and smart lighting, you may also want to invest in blackout blinds in Gateshead & Newcastle. 

By far the largest source of light pollution comes from windows. Ultimately, windows are designed to allow light to enter rooms; however, this works against you when you’re creating a home cinema. Blackout blinds can help you avoid light seepage from your windows, particularly when they’re installed by a professional blinds company. Lighting is often overlooked, however, it can make or break your cinema experience. 

Choose a TV or projector

Once you’ve formed an idea of what your home cinema room will look like and how it will be used, it’s time to decide if you want a TV, a projector screen, or both. Both come with advantages, so it really comes down to your personal preference and budget.


There’s something very cinematic about using a projector to watch a movie. However, although projectors can create bright and powerful images in a room that’s dimly lit, they can become somewhat faded if the room has lots of natural light. The blacks produced by a projector are only as deep and intense as the darkness of the room. Therefore, if you do want to use a projector, it makes even more sense to invest in blackout blinds to keep light from seeping into the room. Blackout blinds go hand in hand with projectors when setting up a cinema room at home.  


As prices on huge TVs with Ultra HD 4K continue to drop, projectors are becoming less appealing. The newest TVs on the market offer unbeatable performance, often far exceeding the best projectors. Only a few years ago. the better projectors offered a superior image quality to most TVs. However, times have changed, and their performance now pales in comparison. 

Consider your surround sound setup

The picture isn’t everything when creating a cinema room in your home. Audio is just as important, and so it’s worth spending some time making sure your surround sound set up. The first thing to do is to decide on how many speakers you want and where you can locate them in your cinema room. The sound produced by your home cinema system should be powerful, totally immersing you in whatever you’re watching. Think about the room size, layout, and seating positions when deciding how many speakers to install. Consider the positioning of the speakers very carefully as it’s important to get it right. Even the best speaker can sound terrible if not positioned correctly. 

When asking the question of how to create your perfect cinema room, you can see that there’s a lot to consider when creating a cinema room in your home. However, before you spend big on a state of the art projector or TV and audio equipment, it makes sense to work on creating the right ambience for the room. This means making it as dark as possible. For high-quality cinema room blackout blinds in Newcastle or Gateshead, contact Angel Blinds and Shutters. We regularly install blinds in homes across the North East, helping people to create the ultimate home cinema experience. Contact us on 0191 6660 183 to arrange a free home visit. 


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