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Advantages of Blackout Blinds in your Bedroom

With spring fast approaching, the mornings and evenings are now much noticeably lighter, offering a refreshing change from the darkness we have lived in throughout the winter months. Yet the only downside to this is the interrupted sleep we can experience due to the drawn out daylight that will continue as we move into the summer. But with blackout blinds, the majority, if not all of the light will be blocked out, keeping your room dark and allowing you to enjoy a peaceful uninterrupted sleep. There are also many other benefits to having blackout blinds in your house, and the team…

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Blind Safety: Make sure your blinds are family friendly

Your window blinds are primarily there to block out unwanted light, give you privacy when you need it and look great, complementing your surroundings and providing the ultimate finishing touches to your room. However, although they look pretty, they can pose unforeseen dangers to small children and animals in the home that can be serious if there are no safety measures in place to prevent this from occurring. Loose dangling cords or chains from blinds can be far too tempting for children and animals to resist playing with – especially cats who love to play with anything that hangs down like…

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Choosing an Awning or Canopy for your Home or Business

The entrance to your home or business can say a lot about what sort of person you are and the values that you have. Despite the infamous saying, “never to judge a book by the cover”, it is undoubtedly true that when it comes to the entrance of a property, our preconceptions are based on what we see in front of us. One way to make your house or business stand out from the rest is with a beautiful awning or canopy that can make outstanding improvements to your premises, whether across the front of your shop or even in your…

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What Blinds are Suitable for your Kitchen?

Some people regard their kitchen as the heart of their home. Where family and friends gather to eat, drink and socialise; you can easily end up spending more time here than in other rooms of the house. It goes without saying then that you want to have a nice, stylish and comfortable kitchen for you and your guests to feel relaxed in – clearly you don’t want to find yourself feeling embarrassed by your old and tatty blinds. But before you go and rush into buying the first pair of blinds you find, you need to carefully consider the requirements and…

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Top Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Permanent fixtures in the home, such as window blinds, can get easily overlooked and accepted as ‘part of the furniture’. But just like the rest of the furniture and other surfaces in the house, they collect dirt and dust so need to be cleaned on a fairly regularly basis. Their awkward shapes can sometimes make the job a bit tricky, so we’ve came up with some top tips for how you can clean the most popular types of blinds, without damaging them or calling on professional services for help. Guide to Cleaning Blinds Roman As Roman blinds are made from a…

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Keep your Home Warm with Window Shutters this Winter

With recent news forecasting that winter 2013/2014 is set to be the coldest one we’ve experienced in years, it’s time to get your home prepared and protected for the colder months ahead. A study taken out by The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust captured thermal images of houses demonstrating how much heat is lost from houses via windows. The results showed that those windows with shutters, blinds and curtains appeared in a blue colour, showing little heat loss compared to those that had curtains and shutters open (or none at all) that casted orange and red glows showing major heat and money…

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Office-Friendly Blinds

Your office needs to keep up the professional appearance of the business it practices. Here at Angel Blinds and Shutters we offer an impressive selection of blinds that perfectly complement commercial surroundings, as well as offering all practicalities that are required. So, we’ve put together the ideal blinds that are office-friendly to help you choose the ones that meet all your requirements. Venetian Blinds Made to measure Venetian blinds prove to be a very popular choice, particularly in smaller offices with small windows that have less area to cover. Available in wood and aluminium materials, with a range of colours to…

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Top 5 Winter Colour Trends

With the night’s drawing in, we’re all closing our blinds and settling down for the night much earlier than we were a few weeks ago. So, with you now spending the best part of your evening inside, you might as well take the opportunity to get up to date on winter colour trends by freshening up your living space to complement this season with the most stylish colours to help create the perfect, warm and cosy atmosphere in your home. To help give you an idea of the kinds of looks you can achieve when choosing your decor and blinds, we’ve put…

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Choosing the perfect blinds for your home

With so many different varieties of blinds now available, finding one to suit your style and meet your needs can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. But here at Angel Blinds and Shutters we know how important it is to find the right one, so we’ve accumulated the different styles available, and our recommendations of where we think they are best suited to be in your home. Roman Blinds An increasingly popular blind choice, Roman blinds are ideal for either modern or older houses, adding a touch of sophistication. The softness of the fabric creates a calming, homely environment perfect for…

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Blinds Vs. Curtains: The Rise of Blinds

If you’ve just finished decorating your room and are now considering how to perfect it with those finishing touches, then you may find yourself faced with the common dilemma: curtains or blinds? With huge selections of colours, fabrics and patterns available, it’s not always an easy decision to make, but it’s one you should think about wisely as it can alter the whole feel of your room, so you need to get it right. Curtains have been around for centuries and there is no denying that a grand set of curtains draped from a rail can add a luxurious finish to…

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Angel Blinds Welcome Article

The whole team are excited to welcome you to the brand new Angel Blinds and Shutters blog! As part of our dedication to customer service, this is where we’ll share news and updates from both internally within the company and in the wider world of window blinds and shutters. Whether it’s information about new products we stock or simply hints and tips for choosing the right blinds for you – you’ll find it here. So check back regularly for updates, and in the meantime continue browsing the Angel Blinds site for more information. Website marketed by jask Media Ltd.

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