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How to Paint Window Shutters

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· 7th March 2016

How to Paint Window Shutters

white wooden window shutters over a large bedroom window

When considering painting the shutters at your property, there are a number of things to take into account. To create a good, even and professional finish, it is important to do the relevant preparation and groundwork, use the correct techniques and provide the quality aftercare needed to make the new colour on your shutters look as good as it can. Here, we run through the stages required to paint your shutters correctly:

Wash and dry

Before you can think about painting your shutters in their existing state, you need to give them a thorough clean. Before starting your clean, use a paint stripper on any existing paint to ensure you have a bare, wooden surface to work from.

To clean your shutters, use hot, soapy water and a good scrubbing brush to get rid of any residing dirt and flecks of old paint. Once the dirt has come up, rinse off the surface with a hose. Once the shutters are clean, towel dry them immediately – particularly with wooden shutters, as this will help you avoid any damage happening to the wood.

Prepare a workspace

As with any painting work, it is important to put newspaper or sheets down before
commencing with the paint job to make sure no stray paint makes its way onto your floors. Ideally, you should be working outside in the shade, in an area that is well ventilated but protected from gusts of strong wind.

Pick your paint

Choosing the right colour and type of paint for your shutters is arguably the most important task, as this is the colour you will see every day. When selecting the paint, consider the material of your shutters; acrylic paint works best for vinyl, where exterior latex paint is a better choice for wood.

Prime the shutters

Before you can begin painting, roughen the surface of your shutters using sandpaper as this allows paint to go on much more evenly. Be sure to wipe away debris and apply a priming solution in a light coat to the shutter.

Get painting

Make sure you apply at least two coats of paint to your shutters, ensuring an even, solid appearance and colour. Only when completely dry should you return the shutters to the windows.

Now you can enjoy your shutters and make the most of your property’s smart new appearance throughout the light summer months that are around the corner.

For help with choosing blinds or shutter for your property, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team of experts here at Angel Blinds and Shutters. With a range of styles, colours and designs at extremely affordable prices, we are truly passionate about shutters and blinds, and will do all that we can to find the right set for your home at a great price.

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