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How to clean vertical blinds

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· 7th September 2016

How to clean vertical blinds

close up of white vertical blindsVertical blinds are renowned for gracing rooms with an elegant and sleek look, whilst offering excellent shade and light control. But keeping them in a clean and attractive state can prove troublesome if you’re not clued up on the right tips and tricks. That’s why we’ve put together this essential guide, telling you all you need to know on how to clean vertical blinds. Here we will list the key do’s and don’ts, as well as describing the best techniques for keeping your blinds in good shape.  


  • Do contribute a few minutes each week to their upkeep. Regular dusting and cleaning will prevent your blinds from falling into a state of disrepair.
  • Do use a thick duster, such as ones made from lamb’s wool. Thin dusters and cloths simply move the dust around, rather than removing it completely.


  • Don’t use hot water to wash blinds. The heat could melt the plastic/glue components of your blinds, potentially damaging them. Instead use warm water.
  • Don’t put blinds in the washing machine if you can avoid it, as this may cause the material to fray. However, if you do put them in the washing machine, then take some precautions. Never set the machine’s temperature higher than 30 degrees, and always consult the blind manufacturer’s instructions first. Some people recommend putting them inside a pillowcase to try and prevent fraying.
  • Don’t ever put all-purpose cleaner directly onto blinds if you’re spot cleaning. For isolated marks, put the fluid on a cloth first and then rub gently on the stained area. Remember to rinse off afterwards with some warm water.

Method 1: For day to day cleaning of the blinds, it’s advisable to dust them whilst they are still hanging. One technique is to use a vacuum’s brush attachment to remove most of the debris or dust, before using a duster to remove the remnants. Always dust or vacuum from top to bottom, as this will stop the blinds from unhooking at the top. For vinyl or fabric blinds, a rubber dry sponge can be used to extract especially stubborn dust residue.

Method 2: Rather than using a vacuum to loosen and lift the dust, detergent or an enzyme spray could be used instead. After application, dust as usual, applying more spray if needed. You may wish to put a towel on the floor to collect any falling dust.

Method 3: It is advisable to occasionally give your blinds a thorough wash. To do so safely and with the best results, it is recommended to use a bathtub instead of a washing machine. Unhook the blinds and fill a bathtub with warm, soapy water. Remember that heat can damage blinds, so ensure the temperature is not too high! Place the blinds in the bathtub, and wash each slat with a cloth or sponge. Make sure you rinse with non-soapy water afterwards, and then carefully dry each slat with a soft towel. Hang them back up to allow them to dry completely and with minimal creasing.
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