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How to Lighten a Dark Room

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· 5th January 2016

How to Lighten a Dark Room

Natural light is proven to have many benefits to your health and without it, we would soon start to feel groggy, tired and stressed.

However, there can be places in the home that are a little on the dark side, whether it’s because it’s winter and daylight hours are limited, or it could be due to a dark interior design, a small room or a north/south facing house. Either way, these rooms could probably benefit from being spruced up, whether you’re physically letting more light into the room, or redecorating to give it a light and fresh feel.

So let’s take a look at some ways you can lighten up your home this winter…

Colour schemes

Open your room up by painting the ceilings and woodwork white. Opt for neutral palettes and white walls to make your room look as light as possible. However, if you are a fan of colour, introduce soft tones such as caramels and mushroom greys to add depth to a room. Alternatively, paint one wall a colour to make a feature, and the rest a neutral colour.


Make the most of what natural light you have by removing any heavy, dark curtains and replacing them with good quality blinds or shutters. The simpler the style, the better, so opt for Venetian, vertical or roller blind styles for an unobtrusive look that lets optimum amounts of light in.   


If you have a small or darker room, adding mirrors can help open the space up and reflect any light that enters the room. Large, statement mirrors are also very on-trend at the moment, so don’t be afraid to go for a large, feature mirror.

Light fittings

Although artificial light is not the most ideal form of lighting, it is a necessity for any home. Dimmer switches are a great choice for times when you need bright lighting, and for times when you want a more relaxed and gentle setting.


By keeping furniture to a minimum, you won’t overload the room. Make sure any furniture you do have is light in colour. Avoid anything that is dark with a heavy pattern and try to opt for delicate features instead, such as a table and chairs with thin legs.


Replace any dark hardflooring with a lighter, washed out flooring. However, if you don’t want to replace the whole floor, you could paint it or cover it with a large, light-coloured rug for a very similar affect.
If you’re looking for new, stylish blinds or shutters for your home this season, then please get in touch with us here at Angel Blinds and Shutters. We have a wide range of blind styles, colours, patterns and fabrics, so you’re bound to see something that fits the bill. Please feel free to call us today or come and visit our showroom for some inspiration!

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