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Mind the gap: 5 advantages of made to measure blinds

When it comes to buying new blinds for your home, generally speaking there are two options available to you: made to measure or off the shelf. Off the shelf are the ready made option, packaged up and all made to the same specification, whereas made to measure offers you the flexibility to have a blind that meets your  exact needs and is tailored to your specific requirements. So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of made to measure blinds so you can be best informed to make the right decision. Better size and fit Very few windows actually come…

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Lining Options for Made to Measure Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an extremely popular blind style for many homeowners as they offer similar aesthetics to curtains but with the simple functionality of a blind. With made to measure Roman blinds, they can even be tailored to meet your exact needs. This includes the addition of an extra lining that is tightly woven to create a thicker blind that can be advantageous in many different ways. Linings can be added to the back of your existing blinds, so if you love your Roman blinds as they are and don’t want to trade them in for a blind that already has…

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Buying Advice: Which blinds are easy to maintain?

Window blinds are ideal for many homeowners. They are a modern and practical alternative to curtains and come in a whole range of different styles, from faux wood to the simple roller blind. If you’re in the middle of choosing the right window dressing option for your home, then it’s best to write down your list of requirements as this will help you make your mind up as to which style is right for you and the room. One important requirement for many is for a blind that is easy to maintain. Taking this into consideration, we’ve come up with some…

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Ideal Home Show 2015 – Interior Design Room Sets and Mood Boards

For over 100 years, The Ideal Home Show has been helping British homeowners improve their homes in many different ways, and this year’s show was no exception. This year’s show held back in March/April at the Olympia London saw some of the finest examples of modern living, spread across seven different areas including : Interiors Home improvements Gardens Food & housewares Technology Fashion & beauty Shopping Room sets and mood boards Mood boards are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world and many designers, like the ones at this year’s Ideal Home Show, start their ‘look’ by creating a mood…

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Save Energy with Duette and Honeycomb Blinds

With energy prices constantly on the rise, it can often leave homeowners feeling like they are victims, exploited by these rising prices! With this in mind, there is now more emphasis on ways you can improve your homes energy efficiency, so that you don’t have to fall subject to expensive energy bills dropping through your letterbox every month. Duette (honeycomb) blinds A survey carried out by leading blind manufacturer, Duette, revealed that a staggering 50% of domestic heat is lost through windows, as frames and sills allow heat to seep out. So what is the solution? In the ideal world, everybody…

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Our recommendations: Window blinds suitable for schools

Controlling the lighting levels in a school is essential. The right shading is necessary not only to help children retain a comfortable body temperature, but to also allow them to focus and concentrate on their work and learning, rather than becoming too hot and irritated. What do I need to consider? When choosing blinds for educational institutions, there are many things to consider. Some of the most important things include: Child safety Heavy usage Shading Reliable materials Robust So, taking all of these factors into consideration, let’s take a look at some of the best blind styles to use in a…

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Troubleshooting: How to Fix Roman Blinds

Frequently used home furnishings, such as Roman blinds, are bound to encounter a bit of trouble eventually, no matter how careful you are with them. The operating cord is probably used at least twice a day, every day, which can cause strain on certain mechanisms within the blind itself. However, Roman blinds are actually one of the easiest blind styles to fix, should something go wrong with them. The experienced team at Angel Blinds have seen various different problems over the years that can be easily fixed or avoided altogether if you know how. So let’s take a look at some…

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Blind Options for Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst contemporary home renovations, whether that’s in the kitchen or any other type of living space. This desirable door opens your home up to the outdoors with uninterrupted views, which mostly tend to be of the surrounding garden. You should be careful not to cover up the doors beautiful simplicity and sleekness with busy looking and fussy blinds, or similarly large and thick curtains. A bi-folding door consists of perfectly formed, clean lines that need equally as perfect fitting blinds to complete the look, whilst allowing you privacy in your own home when you…

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Blinds Vs. Window Shutters – which should you choose?

If you’ve already decided that curtains are not for you, then you might be thinking that only leaves you with blinds. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’ve discounted curtains and drapes, then your other available options include blinds and shutters. Not always an obvious choice, window shutters have a lot to offer but have their own advantages and disadvantages separate to those of blinds. So let’s take a look at the two window dressings types, so you can make the best informed decision when it comes to perfectly styling your home. Shutters Pros Timeless edition to your home that…

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Blinds: Inside vs Outside the Window Recess [Infographic]

When the time comes for you to delve into the world of blinds, whether you’re sprucing up an old room or perhaps you’re new homeowners wanting to put your own stamp on things, you may come across the phrases ‘inside recess’ and ‘outside recess’. To anyone who doesn’t know about blinds, these words won’t mean a thing, however when it comes to finding and fitting the ideal blind, understanding what these mean words mean is crucial. Essentially, they are two different ways of fitting blinds to your window. However, certain methods suit certain blind styles better than others, as well as…

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Wooden vs Faux Wood Shutters

When you’re choosing shutters for your home, not only is it important to consider the aesthetics, carefully selecting the right colour and style to complement certain rooms, but it is also vital to consider other practicalities, so that you end up with a shutter that is right for you and your home. Wooden shutters are a fantastic and extremely popular choice for many homeowners, but with the choice of faux wood shutters now available (made from vinyl or other synthetic products but with the same wooden effect) it presents the deliberation; what is the difference and which would be better for me?…

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2015 Colour Design Trends: Blinds and Shutters

Colour enhances the world around us and can invigorate our senses and mood. Therefore, when we bring colour into the home, we need to know we are choosing the right one to not only complement the room but also suit our personalities. So, now that it’s the end of the year, let’s take a sneak peek at what the colour design trends are looking like for blinds and shutters next year! Muted pastels Pastel colours such as Tiffany Blue, are predicted to be very popular and stylish for 2015. As it is quite a bold colour, you could opt for a…

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