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Advantages of Interior Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have become increasingly popular over the last few decades, offering a stylish and contemporary alternative to the traditional blind. But for those of you who are considering upgrading your house with new window dressings, there are a few things to know first about plantation shutter to help you make your mind up. What is a plantation shutter? A plantation shutter is a window dressing option, like a curtain or blind, that is built in to your windows to give an elegant appearance and improve the aesthetics of your property. The plantation shutter can be likened to blinds, but they…

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Regulate Room Temperature with Conservatory Blinds

A conservatory is a beautiful space that can be used to relax and unwind in. But it is also a well-known fact that conservatory rooms are unable to maintain a moderate temperature. Considering their floor-to-ceiling glass panes, during the summer months they can create somewhat of a greenhouse effect, becoming hot and stuffy, and in the winter they turn into a cold and redundant unwelcoming space that serves no purpose in your home. So, how can you tackle this problem? Blinds are the simple answer! They not only look good; they can help regulate drastic temperatures so your conservatory can remain…

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School Blinds: Why Made to Measure is Best

When it comes to school, we all know it can be hard to concentrate at the best of times, but with the annoyance of sunlight, heat and glare, kids don’t stand a chance of being able to stay focused unless they’re in a comfortable and well maintained environment to learn. Having said this, many blinds companies offer school blinds as a standard size. This does not offer a controlled solution to the amount of light that enters the classroom, as ill-fitted blinds can still let in unwanted sunlight, even when they are fully closed! Contrary to this, made to measure blinds…

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Choosing Roman or Venetian Blinds

When it comes to choosing a blind style for certain rooms in your house, it largely comes down to personal preference. Different blinds have their own look and feel that can alter the appearance of your house, from both inside and outside, so it’s important to consider the different options. The team at Angel Blinds and Shutters are here to help you weigh up the benefits of both Roman and Venetian blinds, so you can decide whether either of these blinds are the right ones for you and your home. Roman blinds The fabric is usually lined to improve the light…

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Top 3 Blinds Suitable for a Child’s Bedroom or Playroom

A child’s bedroom means the world to them. It is the one place they can go to that is their space only. Not only do they sleep there, they play with their friends or on their own; build dens; go on exciting adventures; so it’s important to get the interior right so that it inspires their imagination and creativity. So, when it comes to choosing blinds for either your child’s bedroom or playroom, you want something colourful and fun but also practical too. Considering this, there are a few things to bear in mind when selecting the most suitable blinds for…

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Your Guide to Buying Window Shutters

When it comes to dressing the windows in your home, there are so many options available on the market that it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to go for. More often than not, shutters are overlooked as being a creditable option, but that may be because people do not know what they have to offer. So the team here at Angel Blinds are going to reveal just exactly what the plantation shutter has to offer in our handy guide, so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you. Shutters: A Basic Understanding When it…

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What are the benefits of Twist Vision Roller Blinds?

A modern home needs a modern blind that can offer everything a traditional blind can, and more! The ideal blind can give you complete control over the amount of light that enters the room whilst giving you privacy when you need it as well as looking fantastic in your beautiful home. With this in mind, the team here at Angel Blinds and Shutters would like to introduce you to the contemporary Twist Vision Roller blinds. This versatile blind option is a modern spin on the old-style roller blind. As part of the roller blind family, the Vision blind has two separate…

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Protect your furniture from fading with conservatory blinds

Over recent years, public awareness of the damage the sun can cause our bodies has dramatically increased to the point where most of us now wouldn’t even consider leaving the house on a hot, sunny day without first protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. But it’s not just our skin that is vulnerable to the extreme heat and sunlight, the surfaces around your home are too. A conservatory is by far, the hottest and brightest room in the house, with surrounding glass windows which can let in up to 70% of the sun’s UV rays, having damaging consequences for your…

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Cheap vs Quality Blinds

With so many styles of blinds available now on the market it can be rather daunting when it comes to knowing which ones will be right for you. For many, the decision ultimately comes down to the cost. Cheaper blinds can seem the best option at the time as we feel as though we’re getting a deal, but there are some important factors that need to be considered before you make a final decision, as for those of you looking to buy new blinds, you will want to know just exactly what you are paying the extra money for and how…

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Advantages of Blackout Blinds in your Bedroom

With spring fast approaching, the mornings and evenings are now much noticeably lighter, offering a refreshing change from the darkness we have lived in throughout the winter months. Yet the only downside to this is the interrupted sleep we can experience due to the drawn out daylight that will continue as we move into the summer. But with blackout blinds, the majority, if not all of the light will be blocked out, keeping your room dark and allowing you to enjoy a peaceful uninterrupted sleep. There are also many other benefits to having blackout blinds in your house, and the team…

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Blind Safety: Make sure your blinds are family friendly

Your window blinds are primarily there to block out unwanted light, give you privacy when you need it and look great, complementing your surroundings and providing the ultimate finishing touches to your room. However, although they look pretty, they can pose unforeseen dangers to small children and animals in the home that can be serious if there are no safety measures in place to prevent this from occurring. Loose dangling cords or chains from blinds can be far too tempting for children and animals to resist playing with – especially cats who love to play with anything that hangs down like…

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Choosing an Awning or Canopy for your Home or Business

The entrance to your home or business can say a lot about what sort of person you are and the values that you have. Despite the infamous saying, “never to judge a book by the cover”, it is undoubtedly true that when it comes to the entrance of a property, our preconceptions are based on what we see in front of us. One way to make your house or business stand out from the rest is with a beautiful awning or canopy that can make outstanding improvements to your premises, whether across the front of your shop or even in your…

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