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How to create the best conditions for learning

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· 30th September 2019

How to create the best conditions for learning


It is imperative in a home office or school classroom to create conditions which will encourage productivity, and reduce stress and anxiety. There are several factors which contribute to making a positive work and learning environment, and when you design the space with these ideas in mind it is very beneficial. 


School Blinds

In any learning environment, such as school classroom or even a home office, natural light has an energising effect. It is a good idea to ensure there is a large window in your home office, and you can use blinds to make sure the light doesn’t reflect on the computer screen and cause eye strain. 

Installing Venetian blinds or roller blinds in a classroom ensures you have optimum light control, which means you can easily reduce glare. Having the right amount of natural light filtering into the room will increase productivity among the students. Also, avoid installing bright fluorescent lights in classrooms, try a cool light which creates a calmer atmosphere. 


Remote Controller blind

Having plants in classrooms and offices has endless benefits. They increase memory retention and performance, because they filter out noise, reduce CO2 levels, and remove toxins from the air. If you are trying to improve your home office, plants can be a mood-booster and make the room more appealing. 

Introducing plants into classrooms reduces stress and anxiety which makes for a much more relaxed and happy environment. Tending to the plants also encourages teamwork and social interaction between students, and teaches them important lessons about responsibility. 


School Blinds

Installing window blinds in your classroom or office is an efficient method for retaining heat in winter and keeping the room cool in summer. They are excellent insulation, and if you choose blinds which have control of how much light they let in, such as Venetian, you can control the heat as well.

In a home office, your initial instinct will be to get as comfortable as you can, such as making the room cosy and warm, but this will not be the best temperature for concentration. With school classrooms, it would be a good idea to encourage your students to dress appropriately and keep the room at a moderate temperature, as they will all be comfortable at different temperatures. 


Office Blinds

It is important to make sure your classroom or office is clean and neat because mess and dirt can negatively impact learning. When a room is not tidy then there are more distractions, and the room will be full of allergens and pollutants so students are more likely to get sick and miss school. It is also a more enjoyable experience to learn in a neat and clean environment. 

When you are creating your home office space there is already enough distractions such as people coming and going, the television, household chores and children. A tidy desk and room will ensure less stress when you enter the room, it creates a clean slate. 


School Blinds

One key element to a comfortable working and learning environment is reducing outside and surrounding noise. In a school there are loud bells, buzzers and the sound of other children having fun outside, which can be very distracting for students trying to focus. Excess noise can also affect how much the students can hear the teacher, which means they may miss important information.  

Thick, sturdy window blinds help to reduce outside noise seeping into the room, as it is an extra layer of insulation. In a home office, you can always tone down the outside noises with noise-cancelling headphones as well as a set of blinds. 


If you want to create the perfect learning or work environment then Angel Blinds and Shutters are the right choice. We provide a variety of commercial blinds for schools, and domestic blinds which are perfect for a home office. Angel Blinds and Shutters operates across Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding areas, and our specialists offer a free consultation and a three-year guarantee on all products. If you want to learn more, contact us today.

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