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Top Tips For A Cosy Conservatory This Winter

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· 16th November 2021

Top Tips For A Cosy Conservatory This Winter

During the height of the summer, our conservatories provide an oasis of resplendent calm. For many of us, we gravitate to them as the perfect place to soak up the beautiful light of the year’s longest days in comfort, perhaps with loved ones in tow. With their panorama of glass walls, they provide the ideal setting for us to kick back with a cup of tea and watch as the birds come and go, the garden bending and blooming as the months tick over. 

However, as winter creeps in, the conservatory becomes unchartered territory. With the advent of the colder months, these spaces which are so loved during the spring and summer become somewhat abandoned, the air heavy with a feeling of chill damp as cobwebs slowly begin to form. 

Now, we believe it oughtn’t have to be this way. With the right measures in place, the conservatory can in fact be a space to enjoy all year round. 

With that in mind, we’re here to give you a short run down of our five top tips to keep your conservatory cosy this winter. 


1. Feeling draughty?

Now, a room that is literally made from glass is never going to be the most straightforward to insulate, is it? 

The impact that draughts have on the temperature of your conservatory will not, of course, make this any easier. By ensuring that all of your windows and doors have the correct draught proofing, however, you’re making headway with achieving a more welcoming feel in your conservatory. 

2. Consider window coverings

Blinds are useful additions to your conservatory for the warmer and brighter months, allowing you to alter the level and distribution of sunshine within the room. They are also, however, brilliant for helping you to maintain a cosier temperature during winter as they function to prevent heat escaping. Typically, vertical and venetian blinds tend to be the most popular choices for this part of the home. 

Here at Angel Blinds & Shutters, our specialists can advise on the best choice of blind to help ensure more comfortable temperatures in your conservatories. So, if you’re yet to consider window coverings for your sunroom, it may be time to do so.



3. What’s going on overhead?

Older conservatories typically have roofs crafted from polycarbonate. Unfortunately, this material does zilch in the way of insulation and can have a huge part to play in the dropping temperatures in your conservatory as the year winds down. 

If you love spending time in this part of your home, it is definitely worth considering replacing your existing roof even though it can be an expensive job. There are a variety of different options available, with insulated tiles or glass being the most popular. 

4. Electric heating

Hooking your sunroom up to your home’s existing central heating system is not a wise move, proving more often than not to be a tremendously difficult, time consuming and costly task. 

A wonderful and far more economically efficient alternative is to look into installing electrical radiators, which convert all of the energy they use directly into heat, making them a perfect solution for your conservatory. 

5. Address your flooring

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the impact that your flooring will have on the temperature of your conservatory. As the largest surface area in the room, it has a considerable part to play in the retention of heat. 

Many people make the mistake of opting for flooring which can feel especially cold during the winter, such as concrete tiles which can be freezing to the touch once temperatures drop outside. Introducing a large, deep pile rug which can cover the majority of the floor is a brilliant option if you’re stuck with your current flooring and can’t afford a redo. If cash isn’t a problem, however, you could even go so far as to consider underfloor heating. 


So, if you’re looking to breathe some life back into your abandoned conservatory this season, consider the tips we’ve laid out above and see where there is scope for you to cosy up this part of your home. If you think it could be time to introduce some warmer window coverings, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

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