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What Makes Perfect Fit Blinds Perfect For Your Home?

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· 28th April 2022

What Makes Perfect Fit Blinds Perfect For Your Home?


Perfect Fit blinds offer an excellent solution for those looking to update their window dressings to something a little more seamless and technically sound. The benefits of Perfect Fit technology are endless, so today we are going to consider what makes Perfect Fit the perfect choice for your home. 

What are Perfect Fit blinds, exactly? 

Perfect Fit blinds are one of the most ingenious solutions available to meet your window dressing needs.

As technology in window designs advances, more and more technically impressive options have become available for your home, such as bifold doors and tilt & turn windows. These advances necessitated a more sophisticated option for window dressings, in order to accommodate windows and doors that have an increased range of motion. Cue Perfect Fit. 

The system for Perfect Fit blinds is made up of two simple elements. One being the actual window blind of choice, the other being the Perfect Fit frame. Unlike other traditional types of blinds, which are fitted in front of or above your window, Perfect Fit blinds are actually fixed to the uPVC window frame, allowing for a seamless, ‘perfect fit’ finish that enables full range of motion.


What makes Perfect Fit blinds so brilliant? 


No muss, no fuss installation

As we said, Perfect Fit technology allows these blinds to fit niftily onto your existing uPVC window or door frame. The simplicity of this fantastic technology means that there is zero requirement for any drilling or screwing into your walls or window frames. ‘Installation’ almost sounds too involved a word for a blind which simply clips to the window frame without any need for additional tools or hard work! Choose Angel Blinds & Shutters and you can expect your blinds to be fitted in place and good to go in as little as ten minutes with an experienced fitter at the helm!

Because no drilling is necessary, Perfect Fit entail no mess and no damage, either. Traceless fitting makes these blinds an ideal choice for, say, renters who are perhaps not permitted to drill holes in the walls of their property. The no-damage nature of Perfect Fit blinds also means you can avoid any damage to your window frames. For those who have recently installed new windows or doors, or have possibly moved into a new build property, Perfect Fit allow you to preserve the integrity of your window frames, meaning that the warranty on your double glazing is not voided.


blind fitter


No risk for children or pets

Perfect Fit blinds are self-contained, fitting into your window frame perfectly. This means that they are free from stray cords and pullies, which can be dangerous for youngsters and four-legged friends alike.

By choosing Perfect Fit technology, you make a safer choice for your home.


Allow for full range of motion

Windows and doors are, as we all know, designed to be opened and closed. Very often, however, many blinds don’t accommodate this very well. This can be particularly true for more contemporary designs, such as tilt & turns, bi-fold doors and top swing windows.

Perfect Fit technology is the perfect solution to this problem, providing an option that enables your windows and doors to achieve their full range of motion. By clipping on to the window frame itself, these blinds are able to open with the window. As these blinds are fixed within their own frame, they also won’t be disturbed by the wind.


Optimum light control 

Because the frames of Perfect Fit blinds are fitted snuggly against your window frame, they prevent light from entering your window around the edges of your blind. This is often referred to as the ‘halo effect’, but, with Perfect Fit, you don’t need to worry about that!



Level up your thermal efficiency

Along with preventing pesky streams of light entering your room, the Perfect Fit technology also allows for greater thermal efficiency. As the blinds are fitted tightly to your window frame, they help to keep spaces cool in summer and warm in winter and are excellent for preventing drafts!


Versality of choice!

Here at Angel Blinds & Shutters, we offer Perfect Fit blinds in a variety of styles. From wooden blinds and venetians to rollers and pleated blinds, we have something for every home.


Dreaming of updating your window dressings and achieving that Perfect Fit finish? Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote from our friendly team!

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