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How To Cut Your Energy Costs In 2022

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· 15th December 2021

How To Cut Your Energy Costs In 2022


We could give you a whole host of reasons as to why we believe that blinds truly top curtains.

Top of our list, however, has to be energy efficiency. 

It may sound simple – perhaps even too good to be true – but installing blinds or shutters can drastically reduce the amount of energy your home requires on a day to day basis.

“But how…exactly?” Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you…


Reducing heat loss in colder months


Opt for blinds fitted snuggly against your window frame. This way, you can drastically reduce the amount of heat that is lost when temperatures are cooling down outside.

By keeping your blinds or shutters open throughout the day and then closing them at night, you’re able to trap the heat produced by your boiler or wood burner within your home. On those rare sunny winter days, you can roll your blinds all the way up. By doing so, you take advantage of the passive solar heating that the sun provides. If your home has large, possibly even floor to ceiling windows, this is particularly beneficial.

As such a great deal of heat can be lost through your windows, you can close your blinds and trap the warmth and combat this energy loss.

Here at Angel Blinds, we specialise in bespoke window coverings that are especially designed to maximise energy conservation for your home during winter months.



Keeping your home cooler when temperatures rise


Typically, it goes without saying that it’s not often too hot here in the UK, particularly in the North East!

However, maybe you have an air-con system that you make use of when temperatures do rise. Luckily, you can cut your electricity costs by using shutters and blinds, too.

Whilst it is of benefit to let sunlight into your rooms, too much will heat your home past the point of what is comfortable during the height of the summer. By installing blinds or shutters, you’re able to control how much light is entering your room when it’s hot outside. This keeps your indoor spaces cooler and reduces the need to amp up the AC!

Blinds and shutters are also an ideal choice for those wanting to have greater control over the temperature of their conservatory during the height of the summer. For this reason, at Angel Blinds we offer a range of exquisite conservatory blinds.



So, that’s about the top and bottom of it. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking to make smarter choices in a bid to cut your energy costs. Let’s discuss what we can do for you!






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