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Troubleshooting: How to Fix Roman Blinds

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· 26th March 2015

Troubleshooting: How to Fix Roman Blinds

Frequently used home furnishings, such as Roman blinds, are bound to encounter a bit of trouble eventually, no matter how careful you are with them. The operating cord is probably used at least twice a day, every day, which can cause strain on certain mechanisms within the blind itself.

However, Roman blinds are actually one of the easiest blind styles to fix, should something go wrong with them. The experienced team at Angel Blinds have seen various different problems over the years that can be easily fixed or avoided altogether if you know how. So let’s take a look at some of the most commonly found problems with Roman blinds, so you’ll know exactly what to do if one comes your way!

“My roman blind is hanging unevenly”

This is mostly due to an uneven string length in the cord. If this is the case with your blind, make sure the string furthest away is the longest of the two. If this isn’t the case, the string could be cut too short or not looped through the rear lifting loops. You should check all the lifting loops to make sure they are strung correctly. If you find a loose loop whilst carrying out these checks, re-attach it using a thicker thread.

It’s also well worth checking the strings before installing the blind to make sure they both have an even tension on the blind.

“The blind is folding back in the wrong places”

It is more than likely to be the fabric that is too stiff, causing it to fold untidily.  To rectify the problem, let the blind unfold so it is fully pulled down and run a steamer over the entire surface of the fabric. Following this, handfold the blind exactly where you want the folds to appear and steam over the folds.

You should also check the strings to make sure they are retracting the blind in the right way too.

“The cord has worn out or broken”

If the blind cord is thin, chances are it will not last as long as a thicker, more durable cord. The first signs of wear are the metal eyelets at the top of the blind. If they have rough spots, this could cause the cord to fray as it glides through them. If the eyelets do have rough edges, replace them with new ones. If the eyelets are in a smooth condition, you may need to restring the whole blind, in which case it is best to call in the professionals as it requires a greater technical skill that the professionals will have.

“It doesn’t come down smoothly”

This could well be because the strings are getting caught on something, such as the loops on the inside of the blind. Use a wax-based shoe polish to wax the strings so they are smooth and less likely to catch on things.

So now we’ve ran through some of the most common issues that can be found with Roman blinds, you’ll now know the signs to look and for and what to do to keep your lovely blinds in great condition!

Here at Angel Blinds, we’re more than happy to offer our expert advice or assistance with any issues you may be having with your blinds. We also supply and fit a wide range of made to measure Roman blinds to suit your personal style and complement your room. Simply call us today for more information.

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