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Troubleshooting : How to Fix Roller Blinds

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· 17th August 2015

Troubleshooting : How to Fix Roller Blinds

fixing/installing roller blind

If your roller blind has started to show signs of any problems, then keep reading our article as we troubleshoot some common roller blind problems, so you will know exactly what to do to fix them, should you come across any of these problems…

My blind won’t open

This requires increased tension of the spring.

  • Take the blind down from its bracket
  • Remove the cap over the pin
  • Tighten the pin as much as it will allow to be tightened
  • Replace the cap and place the blind back

My blind rolls up too slowly/quickly

This indicates a problem with the tension spring.

  • If your blind is rolling up too slowly, remove the bracket and roll the blind up by hand until you get to the halfway point, the replace the brackets.
  • If your blind is rolling up too quickly, begin when the shade is fully rolled up and remove it from the bracket. Unroll the blind by hand halfway down, then place the blind back on the bracket.

My blind won’t stay down

This is usually due to a dirty ratchet.

  • Make sure the blind is completely up, then remove it from it’s fitting.
  • Using something small and fine, like a toothpick, remove any debris around the ratchet area.
  • Lubricate the ratchet with WD-40 and put back in place.

My blind is too stiff and won’t move

This could lean towards a problem with the clutch.

  • Make sure the issue isn’t with the chain. If your blind chain is made from plastic beads and some of these beads are missing, they can cause the clutch to stick, so replacing the chain can be easier and cheaper.
  • If the chain is fine and the problem is with the clutch, this will require a full replacement.

My blind falls down when I close it

This could well be a problem with the positioning of the brackets.

  • Check the brackets are not too far apart and if they are, then reposition them closer together.
  • Also, use a spirit level to make sure the brackets are completely straight.

If your roller blind problem persists after trying out our various suggestions, then it might be time to start shopping for some new blinds.  

If you’re looking for excellent quality roller blinds that come with a free home consultation, quote and fitting service, then Angel Blinds are the professionals to call. We have a wide range of different colours and patterns to choose from so you can find something that suits your current decor. Simply call us today for more details.

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