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Top Tips for Cleaning Blinds

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· 31st December 2013

Top Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Permanent fixtures in the home, such as window blinds, can get easily overlooked and accepted as ‘part of the furniture’. But just like the rest of the furniture and other surfaces in the house, they collect dirt and dust so need to be cleaned on a fairly regularly basis.

Their awkward shapes can sometimes make the job a bit tricky, so we’ve came up with some top tips for how you can clean the most popular types of blinds, without damaging them or calling on professional services for help.

Guide to Cleaning Blinds


As Roman blinds are made from a fabric material, the best way to clean them is to simply vacuum over the surface of the fabric. Extend it to its full length so you can get in between the bunches of material and repeat the same action for the other side of the blind.


Without removing the blind completely, the most effective way to clean the Venetian blind is to separate each slat and wipe over using a cloth and disinfectant to remove all the dirt and dust that collects between them. Pull the cord so the blind lies flat and wipe over the whole surface with the cloth and the same on the other side.  If you find it awkward to reach then remove the blind unit and wash it thoroughly in the bath with a light detergent for the best results.


Fully extend the roller blind and, like the Roman blind, vacuum or dust over the entire surface of on both sides, or wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any marks and leave it to dry before rolling back up.


The material itself determines the best cleaning method for the Venetian blind. If they’re made from fabric, then vacuuming will suffice, or even washing it in the washing machine if it’s convenient to take them down. If they’re aluminium then wiping over with a damp cloth will remove all the dirt, or if wood then a dry or slightly damp cloth will achieve the same results.


A general rule to follow for fabric blinds is to vacuum them regularly (preferably weekly) so as to avoid having to completely wash them. Wiping down with a damp cloth will help remove most stains, but if left for a while, the blinds will need completely washing. If this is the case, then make sure you remove all parts of the cord and dowels and wash it on a low heat.

Care Instructions

But before you go ahead and get stuck in with cleaning your blinds, it’s always worth checking the care instructions as these will most likely list any recommended washing instructions, outlining if any special cleaning is required.

So next time you do your spring clean, don’t forget about your blinds and follow these simple home cleaning recommendations for regular maintenance of your blinds that can help them last longer and look nicer – without paying expensive professional cleaning charges!

For more information about cleaning blinds, get in touch with the professional and friendly team here at Angel Blinds and Shutters today. 

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