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Top Tips: Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

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· 8th November 2014

Top Tips: Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

If you consider your bathroom a tranquil place you can retreat to for some peace and quiet, to escape from the fast pace of modern life, then you need an interior to encourage and support this.

Choosing the perfect bathroom blinds can be tricky, and you don’t want to take a stab in the dark and end up having to replace them after only a few months. That’s why the team here at Angel Blinds and Shutters are going to share with you our expert opinion when it comes to selecting the ideal bathroom blinds.

Although achieving the right look and feel is essential, you also need to think practically. There are three things you should always consider in a blind for your bathroom;

  1. Privacy
  2. Water
  3. Humidity

With these in mind, let’s take a closer look at some suitable styles.

Soft PVC roller blinds

The main advantage of any PVC blind is their resistance to water. Any water splashes, or any other spillage, can easily be wiped clean off the surface.  This material will also NOT absorb the moisture that will be in the air, so can withstand any steam in the humid environment as the result of the running of hot water.

As roller blinds are a rather modern style, this blind will look great in a contemporary home, but is also just as well suited to a more traditional property.

Aluminium Venetians

The sheer amount of steam and condensation that builds up in a bathroom, means that you need to find a blind that is not only durable, but waterproof as well. Aluminium is a fantastic material that meets all these requirements. Aluminium Venetian blinds also offer total privacy when needed and can control lighting levels to suit your needs. They can be easily wiped down to keep clean and in excellent condition.

A chic and sleek blind, the aluminum Venetian looks fantastic in a modern bathroom.

PVC shutters

Shutters are an elegant, simple and clean way to decorate your bathroom windows. They can complement a bright and fresh room, looking particularly at home in a traditional property.

PVC shutters are waterproof, so you can rest assured that they will not deform and loose their shape in a moist, bathroom environment – or even a wet room! Shutters also offer the ultimate screening for your bathroom privacy, and can be fully opened to let in optimum light, when required.

Wood PVC  

Although wood is not a practical material for bathroom blinds (as it will deform and bend in the heat from the moist air), that’s not to say that a wood effect PVC blind is out of the question.

Wood PVC is hardwearing and extremely easy to clean, and the best part is you can still benefit from the same ‘look and feel’ as real wood, injecting a natural element into your bathroom.

Thing to avoid

Now we’ve shared the blind styles you should favour, we should also tell you what to avoid. Never opt for real wood or heavy fabrics.

Regardless to how well you ventilate the room, there will always be some moisture in the air. This, as we have touched on previously in the article, can cause the wood to loose its shape and could even fall apart if not given the chance to ever fully dry out and remain dry.

Likewise, heavy fabrics will absorb the moisture, making them even heavier which can put pressure on the blind pole and mechanisms. This will also make the blind prone to mould, which if not spotted early enough, can pose a health risk.

Light and airy

To achieve a clean and fresh ambience in your bathroom, choose light hues to form the base of your colour scheme. Also incorporate mirrors into the interior design. Not only is a mirror a necessity in the bathroom, it will also help brighten and widen the available space you have.

Here at Angel Blinds, we design all our bathroom blinds and shutters with these things in mind. Therefore, you can be sure to receive more for your money and an excellent quality blind that will last you well. Please get in touch with us today for more information.

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