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Protect your furniture from fading with conservatory blinds

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· 14th April 2014

Protect your furniture from fading with conservatory blinds

Over recent years, public awareness of the damage the sun can cause our bodies has dramatically increased to the point where most of us now wouldn’t even consider leaving the house on a hot, sunny day without first protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. But it’s not just our skin that is vulnerable to the extreme heat and sunlight, the surfaces around your home are too.

A conservatory is by far, the hottest and brightest room in the house, with surrounding glass windows which can let in up to 70% of the sun’s UV rays, having damaging consequences for your conservatory furniture.

Yet natural light is a great thing for us human beings. It improves our mood and the atmosphere of any household, so we don’t want to do the obvious thing and install heavy duty blinds or curtains that, yes, will protect our furniture, but will also plunge us into darkness, stopping us from enjoying the delights of a conservatory!

We all know how expensive conservatory furniture can be, so we want it to last well, without having to worry about the sun and heat leaving a faded version of the colour it once was. So, what can you do to help protect your furniture?

Window film

The latest version of high quality window film sits over your glass panels as a transparent sheet that can block 99% of the sun’s UV rays and 97% of infrared light, stopping your furniture from fading before it’s time but still allowing you to enjoy the cheerful sunshine.

Conservatory Blinds

Whether Venetian, Roman or roller, made to measure conservatory blinds are an excellent way to help protect your lovely furniture from any potential sun damage over time.

Roller blinds are most commonly used as blackout blinds, but don’t have to necessarily be dark colours to still block out the UV rays, so you needn’t sit in a dark room which makes you sleepy! These also make a good blind option for any Velux windows you may have in your conservatory.

Venetian blinds can be tilted to suit your desired amount of light and privacy. This blocks the majority of the sun from entering the room, offering a cool and shaded place which will protect your furniture.

Roman Blinds bring an elegant touch to a conservatory with their folded fabric appearance which can completely stop any sunlight from getting in to your conservatory and damaging any exposed furniture.

Regardless of which type of blind you decide on, the most important thing is to make sure they are made to measure conservatory blinds, perfectly fitted to your windows to ensure maximum coverage from the sun. This will also help moderate the temperature of the room, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the surrounds of your beautiful conservatory.

For excellent quality fabrics and materials which make the most reliable and durable blinds, simply get in touch with Angel Blinds and Shutters today. We’re more than happy to offer advice or to arrange a free home visit.

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