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Advantages of Blackout Blinds in your Bedroom

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· 6th March 2014

Advantages of Blackout Blinds in your Bedroom

With spring fast approaching, the mornings and evenings are now much noticeably lighter, offering a refreshing change from the darkness we have lived in throughout the winter months. Yet the only downside to this is the interrupted sleep we can experience due to the drawn out daylight that will continue as we move into the summer.

But with blackout blinds, the majority, if not all of the light will be blocked out, keeping your room dark and allowing you to enjoy a peaceful uninterrupted sleep. There are also many other benefits to having blackout blinds in your house, and the team here at Angel Blinds and Shutters have assembled a list so you can easily see how they can improve things for you.

Who are they for?

Blackout blinds are ideal for a whole range of people:

  • Children, to prevent them from waking up in the early hours of the morning thinking it is time to get up (and equally waking you up!).
  • Shift workers who need to get their sleep in the day ready for their night shift.
  • Adults who have difficulty sleeping at night so might want to nap in the daytime.
  • People who have cinema rooms, so you can completely block out any light and feel the full effects of the projection.
  • Those who live in the city and have bright lights outside their windows that can keep them awake throughout the night.


Blackout blinds are made from a thicker material which, as well as blocking light from getting into a room, also blocks any light inside the house from being seen by anyone on the outside. This makes them ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms where you will require the most privacy, as not even shadows can be seen.


The blackout blind can reduce the amount of noise that enters the room through the window, and any noise that still comes through is muffled and considerably quieter. So, when your neighbours are going about their daily chores, mowing lawns and generally being noisy, you can block them out and be left to enjoy your peaceful sleep.

Energy Bills

The thicker material helps insulate your room by blocking any draughts, containing the heat in the room during the winter months. Similarly, they can help cool a room down when the sun is at its hottest by blocking it out and maintaining a nice and cool environment. So, overall, the blackout blind can help your room stay at an ideal temperature all year round, keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

Styles and Colours

Blackout blinds don’t have to be in one style and one colour. They come in a variety of colours, some bolder than others, so you can be sure to find something that suits the current décor of your room.

The most popular styles are Roman and roller blinds, but generally speaking they are available in a whole range of styles, such as Venetian and vertical. Here at Angel Blinds and Shutters we recommend Roman and roller blinds as the most effective and reliable styles for blocking out optimum amounts of light.

Blackout blinds can also be used in conjunction with curtains for extra window dressing options to add those perfect finishing touches to your room.

Our made to measure blackout blinds are custom made to fit your windows perfectly, so you can be guaranteed a professional finish and beautiful looking blinds every time.

If you’d like further information from the professionals here at Angel Blinds and Shutters, whether it’s about our blackout blinds or any other blinds we offer, please feel free to give us a call today and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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