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Top 5 Creative Ideas for Unwanted and Old Blinds

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· 20th August 2014

Top 5 Creative Ideas for Unwanted and Old Blinds

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the phrases ‘carbon footprint’, ‘greener’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ as they are pushed to the forefront of society now more than ever before. There’s encouragement to recycle as much of our household waste as possible and to walk, take the bus or cycle to work, rather than using the car which burns more harmful fuel into the environment. But here at Angel Blinds, we’re going to take recycling in a new light!

Rather than just sticking to the obvious, thoughtless recycling methods, we’ve taken a look at how you can upcycle your old, unwanted blinds around your house with our top 5 creative ideas!

1)   Room dividers

Your blinds may not be big enough to separate whole rooms, but they can certainly corner off certain areas of a room. All you need to do is hang them from the ceiling to divide one part of the room from another, and if you’re bored of their appearance, you can always repaint them or dye them to create a new or feel that complements the room.

2)   Garden Markers

Use the slats to indicate the different plots in the garden. For instance, dig them into the ground to highlight where the vegetable plot ends and the flowers begin. This way you won’t forget what you’ve planted where and you can even write what is plotted in that patch on the blind slat, so you’ll never forget – just make sure you use a water proof marker pen!

3)   Decorative objects

Depending on your artistic ability, there are a number of arty things you could reuse your old blinds for, some basic and some more adventurous.

  • Take the individual slats and paint them your desired colour, then hang bangles, ornaments, shells etc. down from the slats to create a mobile.
  • Use the fabric from either roller or Roman blinds and turn them into cushion covers or place mats.

4)   Beaded curtains

Rather than buying a ready-made beaded curtain to hand from your doorframe, why not try making your very own from your old blinds? Try painting and decorating the blind slats, make a hole at the top of each slat and string them together either with rope or twine so they hang in a vertical line, then attach to a pole at the top of the doorframe. If your slats aren’t long enough, attach two or more together until you achieve the desired length for your doorway.

5)   Blinds (again!)

Okay, so your blinds may be past their best to deserve a spot in your home, but that’s not to say they’re so horrendous that they can’t be reused in the shed or garage. Clean and tidy them up as best you can and they’ll be good to go again! Providing they are still functional, they can keep the sun out in the summer and provide insulation in the winter, helping regulate the temperature all year round.

So, once their purpose of providing you with a window dressing solution has come to an end, in either the home or workplace, why not try some of these clever upcycling ideas so you aren’t just dumping your old blinds in the bin – get creative instead!

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