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The Brilliant Benefits of Blackout Blinds

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· 30th June 2022

The Brilliant Benefits of Blackout Blinds


When the clocks go forward and summer starts to roll around, you’ll start getting a brighter wake-up call every morning when you start your day. While great for some, it can really be detrimental to those of us with odd working shifts or different sleeping patterns. Thankfully, blackout blinds can offer you hours of uninterrupted sleep and let you wake up naturally when you need to.

The team at Angel Blinds can help personalise and create a set of blackout blinds to fit your room perfectly, with a wide range of designs on offer.

White blackout blinds

Who benefits from blackout blinds?

These blinds are suitable for many people, including;

  • Night owls or night shift workers
  • City residents who have lamp posts shining into their rooms every night
  • Children who get up too early – giving parents more time to have a lie in
  • People in built-up areas who desire privacy
  • People investing in cinema rooms, to get the full effect of a cinema in your own home


Did you know that blackout blinds also work effectively to reduce the sound from outside your window? While the noise is muffled, not muted, it’s still noticeable, especially when the next-door neighbour’s kids are out having fun during your midday nap.


As blackout blinds are created with thicker material, they can also block lights from being seen from inside to those passing by your house. This is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms when you need privacy; you won’t even be able to see your shadow on the blinds!

Save on energy bills

With the cost of living on the rise, blackout blinds can really help save on your gas and electricity. Because of the thick material used, it can block out the sun when it’s at its hottest and help maintain a cool environment – no need for that electric fan! Then when it gets to winter, it’ll help contain the heat in your house and cut down on draughts from the windows. The perfect solution all year round!

Grey blackout blinds

Styles and colours

At Angel Blinds, we recognise that no two homes are the same. That’s why our blinds come in a variety of colours to suit your style and match the decor of your rooms.

If you’re looking to block out light, our personal recommendation would be the Roman and roller blinds as the most effective solution. However, we also offer Venetian and vertical blinds if you prefer this style.

Don’t worry about any awkward window sizes either. Our blinds are all made to measure and can custom fit your windows perfectly to leave you with beautiful blinds in your chosen room.

Ready to order your perfect blackout blinds? We’re here to answer any questions about our blinds and get your custom order sorted with no fuss. Feel free to give us a call today and our team will be happy to help you.

Not sure what you need? Talk to one of our friendly staff on 0191 6660 183

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The Brilliant Benefits of Blackout Blinds

  When the clocks go forward and summer starts to roll around, you’ll start getting a brighter wake-up call every morning w...