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Pairing Blinds and Curtains – which blinds should I buy?

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· 29th September 2015

Pairing Blinds and Curtains – which blinds should I buy?

Whether you already have blinds and are considering curtains as well, or you have curtains and are considering introducing blinds, the two can work well together to create the perfect window dressing solution for different rooms in the house.

Each with their own attributes, if the right combination is paired together then pairing blinds and curtains can complement one another beautifully and put the final finishing touches to a room.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why they work so well together and some of the style combinations we recommend.


Sometimes curtains just aren’t enough on their own. If made from a poor quality material, they can still let large amounts of light flood into the room, which can be especially frustrating in bedrooms when you’re trying to get an early night or have  a lie-in the next morning.

In addition to this, curtains offer no middle ground when it comes to light and privacy; they either totally block everything out or let all the light into a room, offering no privacy at all. However, with certain blind styles, such as Venetian, you can tilt the slats to softly filter small amounts of light in whilst offering privacy at the same time.

Not only this, but blinds and curtains together can help keep rooms cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter months of the year, saving you money on your energy bills. Mixing blinds and curtains is a popular choice amongst those homeowners who have radiators fitted beneath windows and floor-length curtains. Once it turns dark outside and the curtains are drawn, all the heat from the radiator is trapped and unable to circulate the room. However, with blinds, you can leave the curtains tied back and simply close the blinds, so you have your privacy and can still feel the benefits of a warm room.


Simply hanging a set of blinds from your window alone can be a rather harsh look, with blunt lines and one, singular style. However, with a complementary set of curtains, the harsh lines can be softened by the extra layer and more intricate detail can be introduced, such as textures and patterns. Adding an interesting layered effect will instantly change the appearance of your room for the better, whilst offering versatility and variety too.

If your desire for blinds and curtains is purely for aesthetic reasons and has nothing to do with the practical implications, then you could consider false curtains and simply just use them for decorative purposes and rely on the blinds to control your lighting and privacy.


Before buying your blinds or curtains, take into consideration other elements in the room. This can include flooring, furniture, lighting etc. as these all contribute to the overall look and feel of a room.

If you have wooden furniture or flooring, then consider a combination of hard and soft window coverings, such as wooden Venetian blinds or a wooden shutter, coupled with a soft draperie. Alternatively, you could chose a roller blind in a colour that matches the room’s colour scheme and team it with a pair of curtains in a neutral shade.

These are just two examples of how blinds and curtains can work really well together. Please note that curtains and blinds do not work as well in kitchens and bathrooms. Curtains in these rooms will trap smells from the kitchen and moisture from the bathroom and need replacing regularly.  

Here at Angel Blinds and Shutters, we highly recommend custom made blinds that fit perfectly and look neat and tidy to match your beautiful curtains, should you choose to combine the two together. For more information on our different styles of made to measure blinds, please feel free to get in touch with us today.  

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