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Lining Options for Made to Measure Roman Blinds

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· 24th June 2015

Lining Options for Made to Measure Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an extremely popular blind style for many homeowners as they offer similar aesthetics to curtains but with the simple functionality of a blind. With made to measure Roman blinds, they can even be tailored to meet your exact needs. This includes the addition of an extra lining that is tightly woven to create a thicker blind that can be advantageous in many different ways.

Linings can be added to the back of your existing blinds, so if you love your Roman blinds as they are and don’t want to trade them in for a blind that already has the lining fitted, then you don’t have to worry!

Here are some of the different ways lining can help enhance your blinds performance, so you can decide whether you could benefit from lining your Roman blinds.


Lining your blinds is a great way to make them blackout. Adding a backing to the blind’s fabric will prevent any outside light from penetrating through the material. Due to their efficiency and effectiveness, they are ideal for bedrooms to aid a restful and undisturbed sleep (especially useful if you are a shift worker sleeping during the day), but can also be used in other rooms, such as the living room to block any unwanted street light from flooding into your room.


An additional lining can help regulate the temperature of any room. This thermal insulation will keep the cold out, and as a result, hopefully save you money on your heating bills. Likewise, in the height of the summer, the thermal lining will help keep the heat out, so you don’t have to contend with a stuffy, uncomfortable room.

Noise reduction

Whilst a thicker lining will never completely block out outside noise entirely, it definitely can make a difference and dampen unwanted noise. So again, if you are a shiftworker or if your have a newborn baby, you might want to consider a noise reducing lining for your blinds, to block out any irritating little noises from outside.

Standard lining

If you decide to opt for a standard lining it may not be able to offer all the above qualities to a high level, but it will make a difference to some extent and strengthen your blind by giving it that extra layer of material.


As mentioned briefly in the previous point, adding an extra layer of fabric will strengthen a blind and make it more durable. Therefore, it will be less susceptible to damage and is likely to last longer than a thinner, more flimsy blind.

If lining your made to measure Roman blind is something you’ve considered, then why not give Angel Blinds and Shutters a call to discuss this further? With a range of blinds available, including Roman blinds, you can find something to match your requirements and budget.

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