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All you need to know about Perfect Fit blinds

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· 6th February 2021

All you need to know about Perfect Fit blinds

So what are perfect fit blinds and what do you need to know about perfect fit blinds? This type of blind fits your windows precisely, achieving a flawless finish that will enhance any room in which they’re installed. To find out more about this popular blind type, read on. We’ll take a closer look at what exactly makes these blinds such a good choice for your home or business. At Angel Blinds and Shutters, we stock an impressive range of Perfect Fit blinds in Gateshead and Newcastle. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry too, which means you won’t pay more than you need for high-quality Perfect Fit or Intu blinds.

What are Perfect Fit blinds?

Perfect Fit Blinds in Newcastle

You may have heard a lot about Perfect Fit blinds, but are you really sure what they are? If the answer’s no, then keep reading. There have been many innovative new window designs in recent years, such as bi-folding doors and tilt and turn windows. Whilst these windows allow more light and air to enter our homes than ever before, conventional blinds aren’t very accommodating to them. They often prevent them from opening freely and smoothly.  For windows with a heightened range of motion, there was a need for a different type of blind. Perfect Fit blinds were the solution. 

Perfect Fit blinds clip directly to the window frame and offer shade without restricting the movement of the window. They open with the window, allowing fresh air to enter a room whilst still offering shade. Plus, because they’re fixed to their own frame, they won’t blow around in the wind. This makes them the perfect choice for French doors, bifold doors, patio doors, and conservatories.

Their unique fitting system makes them well suited to a wide range of ‘unusual’ windows. Quite simply, they can cover windows that other blinds can’t. 

As they can fit almost all types of UPVC windows, it may be possible to fit these blinds on almost all the windows in your home. As long as their depth is between 18 and 30mm, they will fit. Perfect Blinds are also suitable for skylights and door frames too, giving you a very cohesive and stylish look for your home. There are many styles to choose from too, with pleated, Venetian, roller blinds the most popular options. Selecting the perfect blinds to suit your tastes and décor couldn’t be easier.

How are Perfect Fit Blinds installed?

What makes these blinds different is that they sit within their own frame which clips onto the current window frame. One of the biggest plus points of Perfect Fit blinds is that installation requires no drilling. Once the frame is clipped together, the brackets are pushed into place between the beading and glass, and the frame is clipped on. Installation of Perfect Fit blinds couldn’t be easier.

These blinds only take around ten minutes to fit. This means that our blind fitters can install your Perfect Fit blinds in Newcastle and Gateshead in no time at all. Perfect Fit blinds can be quickly and easily removed without leaving any damage. This makes them a popular option for renters who want blinds in their home but aren’t allowed to put holes in the walls. 

Choose from many exciting styles, designs, and colours

perfect fit bi fold blinds in Gateshead

At Angel Blinds and Shutters, we supply Perfect Fit blinds in a huge range of styles, designs, and colours. This means that as well as freeing up your windowsills and fitting your windows perfectly, they can also add bags of style of elegance to your room. Perfect Fit blinds are very versatile and can integrate well into both contemporary and traditional spaces. They’re sure to enhance your home or business for many years to come. 

Stylish and affordable Intu blinds in Newcastle and Gateshead

If you like the appearance and fitting of Perfect Fit blinds, why not also consider Intu blinds? At Angel Blinds and Shutters, we can supply and fit stylish Intu blinds in your home. There’s no drilling or screwing required, which means we can install them quickly whilst still achieving a flawless finish. What makes these blinds different from Perfect Fit blinds is that there’s no frame around the blinds. Instead of clipping into a frame, they have a surface-fitted plastic cover which is installed at the top of the windows. There’s also an inbuilt slider which operates the tilt function of the blinds. There are no cords hanging down which could pose a threat to young children or animals.

Free measuring and fitting service

Are you putting off buying Perfect Fit or Intu blinds in Gateshead or Newcastle because you don’t want to spend ages measuring up or fitting them? If so, you’re in luck. When you purchase your dream blinds from Angel Blinds and Shutters, our experienced blinds specialists can take care of everything for you. As well as providing a complimentary measuring service, we’ll also fit your blinds free of charge. We’ll come to your property at a time that’s convenient to you, carrying out all work professionally and efficiently.

Once we’ve taken measurements of your windows, we’ll send you a quote. If you confirm this quote and you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll book a day for your Perfect Fit blinds to be installed. Remember that we offer a three-year guarantee on all of our products. This should give you peace of mind that your new blinds have been made to the highest standards. They will continue adding style and elegance to your home for many years to come.

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Perfect Fit blinds are a fantastic choice for any home or office. Not only are their easy to install with no drilling required, but they’re also very versatile, ideal for fitting to almost any UPVC windows. At Angel Blinds we can help with all you need to know about perfect fit blinds. For further information about our Perfect Fit or Intu blinds, why not get in touch? Call us on 0191 6660 183 to talk to one of our team. Alternatively, e-mail us here with your questions or queries and we’ll get back to you right away.


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